Redstone Arsenal executes full-scale emergency simulation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Having a safety plan is important for everyone, and Tuesday, Redstone Arsenal ran through its plan.

Redstone Arsenal first simulated an active shooter event in 2017. They decided it taught them enough to simulate the event bi-annually going forward.

“We learned quite a bit and in turn, we chose to re-execute this exercise today so that we could apply all of the procedures and policies that we previously used,” explained Col. Kelsey Smith, Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander. “That ensures that we are able to create a safe and secure environment for the organizations that work here.”

Mobile alerts regarding the exercise were pushed via social media and Redstone’s Explorer app.

“Our law enforcement agency responded to a live 911 call, causing dispatchers to determine the size and complexity of the area we had to respond to,” added Smith. “They had to  correctly associate what resources needed to be activated.”

Arsenal managers say they made sure the simulations were as close to reality as possible, even going as far as putting wounds on people and bringing canine units into the simulation.

Smith placed emphasis on everyone knowing how to react and the chain of command in these situations to ensure safety.

“Practicing these events is so important because we cannot afford to be wrong,” said Smith. “We have to be right, every single day.”

While the exact details of the exercise will be kept internal, organizers say the teamwork was outstanding.

“The simple fact is its a compilation of everyone working together and sorting through the chaff to get to the right answer,” explained Smith.

Arsenal leaders say there were only a few hiccups, but everyone involved grasped very vital concepts.