Recruiters to bring in thousands of new soldiers in the Southeast


U.S. Army Soldiers during an operation to support the Iraqi army in northern Iraq (Photo: MGN Online)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Army says it's open for business. 1,900 recruiters are expected to bring in thousands of new soldiers to the Southeast. Some of the positions being recruited will offer up to $40,000 bonuses for signing up.

"My higher headquarters increase across the United States is about 6,000. Our brigade focused on the Southeast is taking about 2,000," Colonel Patrick Michaelis said.

The Army's new requirement will be to have 68,500 men and women serving. Colonel Michaelis said the goal of 2,000 soldiers is high, but attainable.

"This is an environment where the culture, the desire to serve is higher than any place else in the United States," Michaelis said.

He said normal the requirement for a company is one to two hundred people over the course of a year.

"When you break down the 2,000 across the number of units that I have. I have 46 companies. It equates to an additional 3 people joining the army every month." Michaelis said.

That comes out to 18 additional people joining a local unit.

"It doesn't seem like a lot. So, when you take this in bite sized chunks, you take the 2,000 increase that we have and really break it down to the number of units I have, and the number of units I have, it is very achievable," Michaelis said.

The Army is reducing some enlistments to two years. The hope is that it bridges the gap for some who are between high school and college.

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