Recognizing Workplace Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A group of police officers, human resource managers and others are now more knowledgeable about how to protect businesses and workers from domestic violence.

Verizon Wireless of Huntsville held a training seminar Thursday morning to discuss how to recognize employees who are abusers and those who are being abused.

This comes less than a week after three people were shot and killed in a small home healthcare business in St. Louis, Missouri by a man who then committed suicide.

Those who work to prevent domestic violence say the issue costs businesses millions of dollars in healthcare and loss of production.

Speaker Johnny Lee, founder of Peace@Work, explained it’s a secret issue that is everyone’s business.

“The fact is domestic violence impacts (businesses’) bottom line,” said Lee.  “Not only is there the real risk of violence but we can look at stalking behaviors, we could look at absenteeism, showing up late, interruptions at work.. all of these things interrupt the job and that impacts the bottom line. that’s why it’s their business.”

Verizon Wireless holds training seminars like this every year.

The company has chosen domestic violence as its issue to target to bring about improvements for its employees, customers and community.