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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Something new for young, inquisitive minds is staking a spot in the Rocket City. Thanks to a Randolph School student, the first Alabama Hackathon for high schoolers is happening this month. Sophomore Sachin Katyal wants to share his interest in coding with others.

“I personally believe that everyone should be learning how to program,” Katyal said. “It kind of incorporates everything you learn from school whether it’s reading, English, math and science. It incorporates every one of those aspects into one thing.”

The Randolph sophomore created HackHSV to encourage anyone who’s intrigued by coding.

“It’s basically just a coding competition where, at the very beginning, it’s a space theme and they figure out a problem that they can solve or just something that they can build through software,” sophomore Tyler Williams said.

HackHSV, held at Randolph School, will engage students for 12 hours on April 15.

“You don’t even have to learn how to code to participate in this competition because we actually have mentors there that will be actually helping students learn how to program, and they’ll be helping them from their first sign of code to their last,” Katyal said.

Randolph School students say learning to code is a chance to set yourself up for a successful future.

“I think it will become an integral part of not just our outside lives of our social lives but also kind of our jobs as well,” Katyal said.

HackHSV High School Hackathon is happening Saturday, April 15 at Randolph School. The event is from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The cost is $25.00. For more information, visit