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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – During the spring and summer, Rodney Smith, Jr.`s mission is to help the elderly, single moms, veterans and the disabled of the community, by mowing lawns through Raising Men Lawn Care.

But come winter, even in Alabama, the lawns don`t need much tending to.

So inside Smith`s garage, the mowers have been pushed to the side to make room for a mountain of stuff. “Sleeping bags, backpacks, Bibles, personal hygiene items, tents, dog food,” Says Smith.

It’s part of another project he is working on. These items will soon be Christmas presents for the homeless.

Smith saw a need while on his way to mow a lawn. “A homeless man knocked on my car window and asked for some change, saying he was cold and slept in a field across the street,” says Smith.

Smith went to his Facebook following to ask for help.  A wish list was made and boxes started arriving.

“I’m grateful to them because, without them, this would not be possible,” says Smith.

Some sent in homemade gifts like hats, stitched with love.

Come Christmas time, he`ll play the part of Santa and load up his sleigh. “I want to go out to the homeless and bring Christmas to them again,” says Smith.

To those who are often forgotten. “Everyone deserves to feel loved. To feel like someone cares about them,” says Smith.

Smith says once they deliver presents here, he plans to take whatever is left over to homeless camps in Nashville and Atlanta.

If you`re interested in doing something good for those in need this Christmas, by donating or helping to wrap the gifts, check out the Raising Men Lawn Care Facebook for all of the details.