Puppies rescued from fire offer family hope

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Last Friday, Huntsville fire crews responded to the scene of a house fire on Edgemont Circle. Sadly fire officials told us that five dogs died in the fire. But crews were able to treat and save three from smoke inhalation and a fourth dog managed to escape the house before the fire consumed it.

Of the four that survived, three were one-day-old puppies and the fourth was their mother, Coco. The family was going to give them away, but now the puppies are part of the family and offering hope during a very difficult time.

"This is Blaze, Torch, and Ash," Allen Rounds said.

Fitting names for one-day-old puppies rescued from a house fire, given to them by the firemen that rescued them.

"They are really the silver lining," Rounds said.

Finding the silver lining is what the Rounds family is trying to focus on. The fire tore through the inside of the home, and up the hallway, but stopped short of the bedroom.

"It's where our dogs were, the survivors. The mama dog and the puppies, God saved them," Rounds said.

Allen Rounds walked around his destroyed home, pointing out other small miracles. "Bibles were sitting right there on that table. It scorched them but it didn't burn them," he said.

But most of their possessions did burn.

"When we got here yesterday someone had cut the tape off the fence," he said. The family says thieves targeted their backyard and stole patio furniture and a broken lawnmower.

"I hope the people who stole our stuff will find it in their heart to come across with it," Lisa Rounds said.

For now, they are holding on to what matters most, which is easy when they can fit in the palm of your hand.

The Rounds are struggling to get back on their feet after the fire. They did not have renters insurance, they do not know where they are going to live long-term, and they are both disabled.

Go Fund Me account has been set up to help move forward.

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