Pumpkin Blast invites teams to compete in pumpkin launching contest to help historic school

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Teams will face off to see who can hurl a pumpkin the farthest with the greatest accuracy in the beginning of november.

Pumpkin Blast Co-Char Chris Kilroy elaborates, “Last year we had the target set about 90-yards out from them. We had people that got really close to the target, and the longest shot was further than that. So it was a good 100-and-some yards we were launching.”

In short, they set up a painted hay bale, and you do your best to hurl a pumpkin at it.

Kilroy adds, “It’s distance and accuracy. So they get points for getting closest to the pin, if you want to think about it that way. And then they’re given shots for distance as well.”

Last year, the first attempt at the event saw some impressive designs.

“We didn’t get any cannons last year,” Kilroy elaborates, “We got trebuchets primarily, and we got one slingshot, which actually won the youth division championship.”

This year, they hope aspiring pumpkin heads well come up with even more creative ways to launch these suckers.

The funds raised here chucking pumpkins go to Holy Family School, specifically the Restore the Mission Fund, which took in about $4,500 last year for the event.

The school has historical significance to the broader community, “Holy Family Regional School started out back in the 50’s, and in 1963, it was the first racially integrated elementary school in the state of Alabama.”

Which is why it part of the reason in means so much to the people involved in restoring it, like Kilroy, who says, “What we’re looking to do is eventually renovate or update the facility for the school, which is a considerable project, if you think about a school that needs to be updated and renovated to a more modern facility.”

They hope the fundraiser launches them on their way.

The competition is November 7th, but you need to register by October 9th to compete. You can read the rules and register here.

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