Pucker up! Holy Family Regional School coach kisses a goat after kids raise $700 for fundraiser

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Holy Family Regional School is raising money for its athletic program in quite a unique way.

The fundraising effort involves the students voting for their favorite teacher by putting money in a bucket with a specific teacher’s name. The teacher with the most money in their bucket would be honored by kissing a pig. The pig, however, couldn’t make it to the ceremony, so two goats took its place.

goatCoach Brandon Goodloe says this is one time he wishes he wasn’t the kids’ favorite teacher – he’s afraid of animals.

Normally the school raises around $200 for the athletic department. To the faculty’s surprise, the new fundraiser brought in around $700, made up of mostly coins, in just a week and a half. Coach Goodloe says they have quite a bit of rolling to do. He added that this fundraiser speaks volumes to what people can accomplish, even by only donating a little.

Although Coach Goodloe was the winner, two other teachers also participated in the goat kissing.