Publix makes $100k donation to Huntsville food bank

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Food Bank of North Alabama got a head start on September’s Hunger Action Month, with the help of Publix Supermarket Charities.

Over 50 Publix employees from multiple stores across North Alabama came together at the food bank in the heart of Huntsville.

Publix didn’t only donate time, they also gave the food bank $100,000 to continue its mission.

The director of the food bank says she was thrilled about their service to this community.

“After we get this packed up, we’re going to be taking them to low-income seniors. It’ll be food that they get for the month. It’s got a lot of salt-free, and no sugar added canned goods so they can restock their pantries,” explained Shirley Schofield. “Making sure they’ll have something before the holiday starts.”

Publix charities have donated a total of $5 million to food banks across the Southeast region of the country.

The Food Bank of North Alabama said most of the assistance will go to children and senior citizens.

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