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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Two men charged in the deadly January shooting at the Legacy Event Center appeared in court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing, just four weeks after the incident.

20-year-old Ashton Elliot and 19-year-old DaMarcus Thompson were charged with two counts of felony reckless murder each for the deaths of Kaitlyn Jenkins, 20, and Quantasia Grant, 20 in a mass shooting that injured 11 others at a 21st birthday party. Nine of those were critically injured.

News 19’s Dallas Parker reported live from inside the courtroom during the hearing where an investigator provided the evidence they have in the case. Arguably, the most impactful testimony: authorities are unsure who fired the fatal shots.

In testimony given by Madison County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Stacy Rutherford, witnesses he interviewed said “the vibe” that night was good – until around midnight when tensions began to rise and some chose to leave.

Rutherford says the gunfire started from inside the event center, adding that around 350 rounds may have been fired that night with the number of shell casings recovered by authorities.

Elliott had driven someone to the hospital, according to Rutherford’s testimony, as the Huntsville Police Department relayed it to him on the night of the shooting. HPD said Elliott had crashed into the parking deck, made “concerning comments,” and appeared to be highly intoxicated.

After Elliot was read his Miranda rights, Rutherford said Elliott denied any arguments that night.

Nearly 80 surveillance cameras captured footage from that night, and Rutherford mentioned that the three juvenile suspects arrested can be seen in those clips.

During cross-examination, Thompson’s defense asked Rutherford about that footage, to which the investigator confirmed that Thompson wasn’t seen on those videos. However, Rutherford said “We are aware and have heard that there was social media and private videos from that night. I haven’t seen any or been able to put my hands on them.”

Rutherford continued to detail the investigation, saying several people had turned in their weapons to be tested. While some matched shell casings found on scene, others did not.

When Thompson’s defense said, “Isn’t it true that Mrs. Thompson submitted that AR pistol to law enforcement?” Rutherford replied, “Not to me.”

“The five people arrested so far probably aren’t going to be the only ones,” Rutherford said. “So I can’t give you names right now.”

During the cross-examination of Rutherford by the defense, he said there could have been anywhere from 60-150 people at that party. Rutherford said there could have been as few as 15 or as many as 25 possible shooters.

Rutherford told the defense investigators had interviewed four eyewitnesses that seemed to be consistent enough that it wasn’t rehearsed.

Rutherford said he was told by witnesses that Elliot was shooting in the air and stumbled down, he may have fired 6-8 times. Rutherford also said Elliot never admitted to him that he had shot at all.

Rutherford said he spoke of gang affiliations with Elliot. Elliot is reportedly a member of the “CFN Gang” or Come From Nothing. Rutherford said he believed there were multiple gang factions in attendance at the party and that later in the investigation they discovered some of the gangs “had beef.”

Rutherford testified that at this time, authorities have not identified who shot either of the deceased victims.

At the end of Rutherford’s testimony, Madison County Judge Don Rizzardi bound Elliot and Thompson’s cases over to a grand jury.

Both Elliot and Thompson are out on bond with electric monitoring, court records show.

Thompson is currently allowed to leave his house for doctor visits or to meet with his attorney. Check-ins with an officer are also required once a week. In his request, he asked the judge for a lower bond to allow him to attend church and college in person to “alleviate any mental health issues.”

Elliott is currently confined to his home. He asked the judge in an earlier request to allow him to attend a funeral. An order from Madison County District Judge Patty Demos responding to that request could not be found in court records.

In total, five people were charged with reckless murder in the Event Center shooting. Three of those charged are underage, and their names haven’t been released by authorities.