Portion of Church Street officially closed Tuesday morning

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A portion of Church Street is officially closed as of Tuesday morning. The city of Huntsville blocked off the street from Wheeler Avenue to Cleveland Avenue.

Many businesses and service providers line that street. Businesses have known for years that the city was planning to make some changes to Church Street.

One cafe owner says the biggest challenge is just reminding people about the recent closure.

“We have already had an employee that struggled through that one lane of University to Pratt, and back around over Washington, just to get here. But I think we’ll all get used to the new route,” said Cynthia Hart, owner of Cyn Shea’s Cafe.

And while things are changing Hart says she’s not closing up shop.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, just with the idea that we might be closed. And in fact, there’s still three different ways to be able to get to us. So, we’re excited about that,” she said.

(Image provided by City of Huntsville)

The bus depot across the street says things have been slightly trying.

“Today’s the first day, it’s a little challenging. But with any kind of construction like this its painful for a while,” explained Tommy Brown, Director of Parking and Public Transit. “But the results are worth it. So we’re excited about the completion and the results in a few months.”

The service is seeing some minor inconveniences.

“The road’s dusty, it’s dirty. So, it’s causing us issues with keeping the buses clean,” he added.

As drivers adjust, the department says the biggest challenge are the detours increasing rider wait time.

“It slowed us down just a little bit because we’re having to take alternate routes. So, we’ll ask our customers to be patient we may run behind, particularly on busy days,” explained Brown.

Both Hart and Brown say they’re excited to see the finished product. The road is expected to re-open by the end of August.

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