Porch Pirate – Homeowner catches package thief on home surveillance cam


Porch pirate caught on camera

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Huntsville homeowner is trying to track down a man who stole a package off his porch.

On Wednesday afternoon, a UPS delivery man dropped off a package at James Bartlett's home. A few minutes later a young man walked up, checked through the windows and grabbed the package.

This porch pirate wasn't very smart though. As the thief was looking around to see if anyone was inside the home, he didn't notice that he was being recorded by surveillance camera the entire time.

"Most people, I don't think really look up there and really notice it there. It's a motion sensor camera. So if you come on the front porch at all, it turns on and it films," said Bartlett.

The thief walked off with about $150 worth of merchandise. Though Bartlett is upset about the lost package, there's something else that bothers him even more.

"Having this person, with my wife here by herself with the grandkids, trying to see into the house and everything else. I don't know how dangerous or not the person is," said Bartlett.

He also said the guy didn't hit the jackpot by any means. "There were some boxes of Tic Tacs and some puppy pads. There were some diapers for the grandkids, things of that nature. All this person saw was big box, and he thought it would be something more, something he could sell off or something. I don't know exactly what he'll do with grocery items from Amazon."

If the unknown porch pirate is reading this, Bartlett has some questions he'd like answered.

"Is it worth it? Would it be a lot better just to get a legitimate job and get the merchandise you like, instead of taking a chance on getting a criminal record and maybe going to jail. Is it really worth it?"

Amazon has offered to replace Bartlett's items, but Huntsville police are still investigating the case. If you have any information about the man in the video, call investigators at (256)722-7100.

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