Political Analyst: Debate Double Header Breakdown

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - After Tuesday night's Debate Double Header, we asked debate panelist and WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Dr. Jess Brown about the aspects of the dialogue that stood out to him.

First, Dr. Brown notes, "Mr. Trulock simply demonstrated a greater working knowledge of the community he wants to be mayor of than Mr. Palmer did."

You can see Trulock's command as he explains, "I have developers talking to me now about developments in 4 of the 6 key development areas throughout the city of Madison.  We do have a retail plan."

Dr. Brown adds, "Mr. Palmer frankly emphasized a lot of things he had done other places other than Madison."

You can see what Dr. Brown references in Palmer's closing arguments, where he says, "I was knighted by the Austrians, because one year I brought so much tourism from the United States on KLN to Austria.  They surprised me with that.  Got the international terminal built.  Started two airlines.  I came here.  Expanded the intermodal center very successfully.  Reduced the debt service for the first time.  And I see Madison in that light."

On the Huntsville side, Dr. Brown notes the natural benefits of being an active mayor, "Battle enjoyed the age-old advantage of the incumbent, and that is, you have more of a working knowledge of the details.  So no matter what issue you bring up, he has that vast reservoir of information that incumbents possess."

You can see the depth of that reservoir as Battle lists off the seemingly countless officials involved in the city, "The Arsenal, you now have 14 general officers sitting out at the Arsenal, 14 SES's, 14 CO's.  You have 12 legislators that you deal with.  Y'all have seven council members, then you have a school board, and you have the mayor of Madison.  We have five council members . . . seven people on the county commission."

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