Police Caution Against Using Smartphone Apps to Avoid DUI

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – In recent months, a slew of smartphone apps have hit the market promising to help users determine whether they’re over the legal drinking limit. Some are free. Others are paid. Most work by using gender, height, weight and the amount of alcohol consumed to come up with an estimated blood alcohol level.

However, law enforcement officers caution users against relying on the apps too heavily. Little research has been done as to accuracy. Even those utilizing expensive breathalyzer attachments – that claim to be as good as police-grade equipment – may be inaccurate.

Bottom line, police say it’s never safe to drink and drive. Officer Hank Perry with the Huntsville Police Department’s DUI Task Force advises, “if you’re going to be partying, just stay where you’re at.  If you can’t stay where you’re at, have a designated driver.”


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