Plans Murky For Redstone Arsenal Firefighters During Furloughs

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The Arsenal has always held its secrets close to the vest, and they’re not digging much deeper into the playbook to counter recent furloughs.

We pushed for info on what’s going to happen beyond the gate now that furlough notices have been distributed, specifically with the Arsenal’s firefighters.

No one would go on camera with us to provide details of a plan or assurances of public safety, though we did get some information.

We’re told many of the adjustments for emergency personnel at the Arsenal will have to happen on a case by case basis.

An Arsenal official says firefighters will likely see their furlough time shift, depending on need.

We’re also told higher-ups still have a lot of hard choices to make, and they’ll be meeting in the next few days to establish a game plan for all kinds of quandaries, emergency response included among them.

The Arsenal maintains a sense of mystery to those outside the gate, and now there’s even some mysteries leaking out about how the Arsenal will maintain safety inside the gate.

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