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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For Huntsville residents, it’s relatively easy to recycle from home.

However, that convenience isn’t always available for businesses.

Hannah Berry was tasked with finding recycling options for her workplace and said she became concerned when she found there are no free recycling options for businesses in the Huntsville area. So she started a petition at, which she hopes will start a point of solution to help keep landfills cleaner.

“We don’t want to waste, but we have to throw away a ton of cardboard and paper because there’s nowhere to take it,” Berry said. “I want to get a program in place. I think it’d be really good for the city and all the businesses in the city to have that in place, because I mean right now, we’re just wasting things. I mean I feel like businesses don’t want to throw away stuff like that either. They would rather recycle.”

So far, 47 people have signed her online petition.