Personal delivery services like Kim’s Quik-Cart helping families during a time of need

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Grocery delivery is more essential than ever before, but big box stores could be bogged down with orders. Our most vulnerable shoppers — like the elderly and those with compromised immune systems — are counting on these services.

WHNT News 19 followed a personal shopper who’s braving the stores and delivering the goods.

I can’t risk getting sick. I need help.

“I’m Kim and this is the Quik-Cart.” Kim Osbourne is a professional grocery shopper.

“I can do up to six families a day,” said Kim. She’s taking the load off families who can’t compromise their health, and Kelli Hames is one of her Quik-Cart customers.

“Yes, it was mostly influenced by the pandemic,” said Kelli. “One — because you want to limit who was coming in contact with them and we definitely didn’t want my dad trying to shop.”

Kim said these unprecedented times skyrocketed her business by 70%, but that doesn’t make the shopping experience any easier.

Business is booming, but shopping time can stretch.

“I’m having to go to stores — multiple stores — with one order just to find what I need,” said Kim. A 30-minute trip for one family now takes at least an hour. “Looking for Lysol spray — that’s almost impossible.”

Kim said hiring a personal shopper for all your grocery needs can limit exposure to germs by cutting down the number of people inside the store. She said, “the less people in the stores, the better.”

The groceries get bagged up and left on the doorstep of her customers.

“She can deliver their groceries and doesn’t have to have any contact with them directly,” said Kelli.

The Quik-Cart delivers same day.

Kim has been a personal shopper for Madison County Residents for at least two years.

“There’s such a backlog now [with national delivery services] during this pandemic, where most of the people who need to place an order can’t place an order and get it the same day,” said Kim. “They’re having to wait three days in a lot of cases and up to a week. That’s where my service comes in.”

Contact Kim’s Quik-Cart.

On this trip — Kim Osbourne couldn’t find everything. So she’s on the move again, so you can stay put.

You may call or text Kim’s Quik-Cart for your grocery needs Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Dial 256-295-8868 or download her app on all android and iPhone devices.