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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A North Alabama business owner was in a serious car wreck leaving him paralyzed. Now, people in his industry from across the country are lending a hand to help complete his job in Huntsville.

When Dave Stoup was injured in a wreck and couldn’t complete the task of building an Aquascape in a Huntsville homeowner’s yard, dozens of people came from across the country to help finish the job.

On March 1, Aquascape contractor Dave Stoup was in a car accident. He suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed.

‘I realized I couldn’t move, and I said to myself. I don’t want to die today,” recalls Dave Stoup.

In the midst of intense rehabilitation, he worried about not being able to complete his job for a client in Huntsville.

“My husband and I said you know don’t worry about it…Your health is important if we never get this done its just money don’t worry about it but he was like no, I have to finish that job for you,” says Huntsville homeowner Joy McKee.

Aquascape Incorporated, the supply company Stoup buys from, put out a call for help to a tight-knit group of certified Aquascape contractors,

“We heard that Dave was in an accident several months ago and everybody started rallying together saying we need to help,” says Ed Beaulieu.

More than 40 people from multiple states showed up to build the Huntsville homeowner’s water feature and to help a friend.

“When all these guys and girls heard about this they started coming in from all corners. We have people from New Jersey, we have Georgia, we have Tennessee, we have Chicago, Illinois,” says Beaulieu.

Stoup says the support from other Certified Aquascape Contractors in his time of need speaks volumes of the industry.

“I’m amazed at all those guys who came out. I’ve been part of Aquascapes for a long time and I never imagined that many people would show up,” said Primarily Ponds owner, Dave Stoup.

This week, Stoup walked for the first time since March, with the help of others. He continues to get care at an in-patient rehabilitation center to hopefully regain his mobility but it will be a long journey.

The family says medical costs are building up without stoup being able to work his business. You can donate towards Stoup’s medical expenses on GoFundMe.