Pence speaks at National Space Council meeting in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – America has a plan to return astronauts to the moon within the next five years and the technology to make it happen, Vice President Mike Pence said in remarks Tuesday in Huntsville.

Speaking prior to a meeting of the National Space Council Tuesday in Huntsville, Pence said the goal is to send astronauts to the southern pole of the moon, where there is great scientific and economic value.

“As you will hear in these recommendations, we will call on NASA not just to adopt new policies, but to embrace a new mindset,” Pence said. “That begins with setting bold goals and staying on schedule.”

Pence is the chairman of the National Space Council.

“We’ve been updating out of date regulations to unleash America’s pioneering space companies and forge the technologies to blaze new trails into space and create American jobs for the future,” Pence said.

According to Pence, the most important issue at hand today, was figuring out new and improved NASA operations so that the agency is equipped to send Americans back to the moon.

Pence said currently, NASA is not equipped to accomplish that.

Pence also spent time touring the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp.

Secret Service agents told WHNT News 19 Pence was so enthralled by Space Camp he allotted extra time to enjoy it fully.

“50 years ago one small step for man became one giant leap for mankind. Now has come the time for us to make the next giant leap and return American astronauts to the moon,” explained Pence. “Establish a permanent base there and develop the technology to send American astronauts to Mars and beyond.”

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