‘Pay what you want’ during Huntsville coffee shop Wild Bean’s last day of business, July 6

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The business that started off in a food truck near Below the Radar and built up to a $12.5 million dollar Belk Hudson Lofts shop in downtown Huntsville is now closing its doors.

Wild Bean coffee shop business owner Shelby Ward is stepping away from Wild Bean so that he can return back to his profession as a helicopter avionics tech, but will continue to learn about coffee through the travels that his new position will take him.

Wild Bean’s last day on Wednesday, July 6 will be a little different – instead of charging customers standard pricing, they will ask that you pay whatever you want to pay. Customers are sad to hear of the closing, but one loyal customer told Al.com that, “Wild Bean is one of a kind when it comes to coffee shops. The coffee is wonderful but the people are what make it truly special, and I know they’ll be missed by all the regulars,” she said. “I know I won’t get the same kind of service or friendship from any other coffee place around town.”

Wild Bean posted this on Instagram to remind customers of their last day open for business.