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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Madison County woman is suing a Huntsville doctor and the medical faculty that hired him to treat patients. The patient’s claims of disturbing details involve a doctor who is no stranger to accusations of sexual assault. 

The patient, Jane Doe, claims Dr. Oscar Almeida and Urgent Medcare in Huntsville are responsible for the alleged assault and she is suing for negligence. 

“I feel violated, I feel assaulted and I feel like all of my trust in medical professionals has been taken away from me,” Jane Doe tells News 19.

News 19 spoke to Jane Doe’s attorneys about the details of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that Jane Doe went into Madison Urgent MedCare back in January of 2021 for an arm injury. When she walked out, she said that she was traumatized by the encounter. 

Dr. Oscar Almeida is no stranger to this kind of behavior. Court records show that his license was revoked for sexual misconduct in 2002. Dr. Almeida avoided discipline by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and was able to continue practicing under a restricted license in 2017. 

After a revocation hearing in April and with several complaints against him, Dr. Almeida was still able to work. Jane Doe and her attorneys want him stopped immediately.

“What he did was wrong,” attorneys stated. “What Urgent Medcare did by not informing our client about this doctor’s past and not having a chaperone present in the room when she was there, we think that there are things that should have been done differently. Again, this shouldn’t happen to other individuals who come in and are seeking medical care. Especially when you have someone who has a history of these bad acts.”  

Court records show that soon after his license was revoked, Almeida began practicing in Mississippi. He reapplied in Alabama and was granted a license.

Attorneys are looking for additional depositions and testimony from other plaintiffs. 

“My hope is for other women that this may have happened to at the hands of this doctor to come forward so that he can never practice again and he can never hurt another person,” said Jane Doe. 

News 19 reached out to Urgent MedCare regarding the lawsuit but has not heard back.