Party foul: Power outage causes problems for south Huntsville residents watching the Super Bowl


Photo: Getty Images

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There’s never a good time for your power to go out, but last night was certainly a bad one.  Nearly a thousand customers in south Huntsville had their power go out right in the middle of the biggest professional football game of the year.

An unknown amount of Comcast customers also lost their cable reception.

Whether you’re in it for the pigskin, the commercials, or the halftime revelry, much of the world huddles around their TV on the first Sunday in February.

“They set a lot of records last night. It really was an exciting game,” said south Huntsville resident Cindi Branham. So, you can imagine her horror when her TV screen went black.

“And your first thought is, really the cable goes out during the Super Bowl?!”

Branham lost her cable reception, when the game was still 21-0 Atlanta. It didn’t come back on until midway through the 3rd quarter.

“The second thought is, I’m going to miss Lady Gaga and all the commercials while it’s off'” said Branham.

Gary Whitley, a spokesman for Huntsville Utilities said they can prevent a lot of outages, but not kinds like these.

That outage was actually caused by a vehicle wreck on Valley View Drive that took down two utility poles that then had to be replaced once the vehicle accident had been cleared.

Thanks to hard work from utility crews, houses were only dark for about 30 minutes.

Cindi Branham was lucky in the fact, her power didn’t go out, it was her cable.  So she could turn to online streaming and caught Lady Gaga’s performance by the time the countdown clock hit 3-2-1.

“We managed to get it up online, but we had to struggle with that for a little bit,” remembered Branham.

She wasn’t pleased with the final score, she was cheering for the falcons. But, Cindi Branham is grateful she got in her football fix while she still could.

“It’s the last football you get to watch until late summer and that really is a withdrawal for a lot of people. And unfortunately, I’m one of them,” said Branham.

For those caught in the Huntsville Utilities blackout, they missed the last couple minutes of the second quarter, nearly all of the Lady Gaga performance, and the much-talked about 84 Lumber commercial.

Gary Whitley joked that he doesn’t know for sure, but he’s willing to bet power was restored quickly because their workers wanted to watch the big game too.