Parking remains limited at Huntsville High School

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– Some area high school students may be experiencing parking problems already this year.

At Huntsville High School, there is not enough parking for the juniors who want a space, said Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward Friday, and that’s not scheduled to change.

While parking for seniors is guaranteed, it isn’t for all of the juniors who drive.  “Huntsville High has always had a limited amount of parking available,” he said, “so you can’t accomodate every single student who may want to drive to school.”

Currently, after seniors get parking space assignments, the remaining places are handed out to juniors using a lottery system. That usually covers about half of the juniors who want to drive to school, said Ward. He believes this is the most fair option to handle who gets what.

While wrapping up construction on the new 9th Grade Academy on property has added an additional 70-80 new spaces that weren’t there last year, Ward said this still won’t cover all of the junior demand.