Parents voice concerns at Huntsville Desegregation Advisory Committee meeting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Since 2015 Huntsville City Schools has been part of a federal desegregation plan. The Desegregation Advisory Committee exists to assist Huntsville City Schools to implement a federal court order, ensuring the school system provides equal opportunities to all students.

“For many years Huntsville really operated as two different school systems,” said Lance Cooper, Desegregation Advisory Committee Chair.

The  Desegregation Advisory Committee exists to help the school system achieve unitary status.

“No matter what skin color you are, what school you’re at, you’ve got equal opportunity for success,” said Cooper.

Cooper says that DAC relies on both community feedback and data to make suggestions to the school district.

“The public feedback really helps inform our decisions cause we are getting hard data from the school system, we balance that with public feedback to really see what is going on in the schools,” said Cooper.

But some parents are concerned that not enough change has been made by the school district.

“The advisory committee seems to be simply that, an advisory committee, as far as how its affecting change, how it’s being taken into consideration by Huntsville City Schools personnel and actually resulting in change,” said parent Anthony Jackson.

One point of focus that community members say hasn’t seen enough change: the disparity in punishments given to African-American students versus white students.

“Almost five times as many black students were placed in an alternative school, versus white students this past year, even though population percentages were roughly the same,” said Cooper.

D.A.C. leaders say there has been progress made towards equity in the school system, but there is still work to be done. They need community feedback to help make change happen.

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