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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There’s growing concern from parents about the contents of a letter they received from a daycare regarding their child’s COVID vaccination.  

The letter is a set of guidelines for families who choose to have their 5-year-old vaccinated from COVID-19 with a strict stay-at-home policy.

The parents, who did not want to be identified, said they want their children to be vaccinated and protected from COVID-19. Their child attends Ardent Preschool and Daycare. The daycare said that’s fine of course, but they have attendance rules if you do choose to vaccinate your children.  

In a letter addressed to Ardent parents, it appears that they do support parents who want to protect their children from the effects of the coronavirus. But the language in the letter reads, “a student will need to be kept home for a full three days- regardless of whether or not the child has side effects from the vaccine.”

“With two shots that’s up to 6 days of work that we potentially have to take off to take care of my kid for no reason. I understand if they are sick and have a fever as a side effect or something,” one parent said.

The parents said the mandate appears to be an anti-vaccine statement from the company. 

“It just seems like they are unnecessarily penalizing parents for something that’s not grounded in any health guidance nor CDC or ADPH guidance regarding that. Make it clear that yes, if a kid is having severe side effects and is sick then yes they need to stay home but there’s no reason for the kids to have to stay home for three days post-vaccine,” one parent said.

Ardent Preschool and Daycare has not responded to News 19’s request for clarification on the contents of the letter. Parents say they will seek to change the policy.