Parents pick up gifts for children during annual Angel Tree distribution

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  The Salvation Army asked for help to check items off the Christmas lists of children in Huntsville, and the community delivered once again.

Rosa Brown is a mother of five and expressed her gratitude for the Angel Tree program and those who support it. “Most people go in the hole during Christmas time, trying to support, and make sure their kids are happy,” Brown said.

The Salvation Army’s team and volunteers do their best to help parents like Brown.

“There’s a lot of single mothers out there that really doesn’t have the help,” Brown said. “I think that giving back to the community, that could have been the best thing they did.”

Thursday, parents picked up and wheeled out Christmas surprises for their children, thanks to the annual program.

“1,750 kids is a lot of people,” Maj. Bret McElroy said. “You know, we also have around 850 seniors that we’re helping as well. It’s just awesome to be a part of such a great program.”

The community’s generosity packed the distribution site for another year, so parents could put packages under the tree.

“To have gifts under the tree means a lot to the kids, but I think it means even more to the parents,” Maj. McElroy said.


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