Panoply returns to in-person schedule for 2021


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The pandemic has affected many traditions in Huntsville over the past year, leading many of those who didn’t cancel to try going virtual in 2020. That included one of Huntsville’s staple events, Panoply; but for 2021, they’re returning to their roots.

It’s called ‘A Taste of Panoply,’ and while there will still be food options, the music and art festival is no more food-focused than previous years, but one can expect a scaled-down event.

“It’s going to be a taste of art, a taste of music and more,” Arts Huntsville Marketing and Public Relations Director Patrice Johnson said.

Johnson said last year’s virtual “I-Panoply” was a success in the wake of the pandemic, but organizers decided it was better to try and make in-person a priority for 2021.

“As far as for our artists and our vendors, we really want to make sure they get the support that they need, and that they’re able to have a creative outlet, as well as the community; Panoply is something everybody looks forward to, its a part of Huntsville culture, so we just kind of really want to get back to that, and for everybody to enjoy Panoply, have a good time, but also feel like they’re going to be safe,” Johnson said.

Johnson said part of making sure guests are taken care of is ensuring social distancing. Past years have drawn in around 70,000 people, but she said that can’t happen this year, so they’re in the process of finalizing a ticket cap for the weekend.

“We will have capacity limitations this year as well. There will only be certain amount of tickets available, and for certain times of the day and certain things and different things,” she said.

Nevertheless, Johnson hopes the last weekend in April is a boost for the community.

“It’s a way to lift hopes again and for people to feel like, ‘ok, things are kind of getting back to normal.’ We’re able to have fun and we also have people there who are making sure we can also have fun but be safe. I think this is one of the biggest things and one of the most important things with a Taste of Panoply this year,” she said.

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