Overgrown lot next to daycare raises concerns

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- An overgrown lot right next to a daycare in Huntsville is raising concerns.

Nick Miller’s two children have gone to Rainbow Daycare located on Bradford Drive in Huntsville for several years. He says the lot next to the daycare has become a safety hazard.

“Whenever there is an event at the daycare they use that kinda area as overflow parking. In the past its been fine, no issues. But now it’s just getting to be really a nuisance and I think a safety hazard,” says Nick Miller.

Miller says the daycare recently sent a notice to parents about a tick incident.

“They were really vague as far as the details of it. They said it was a tick reported and they gave basically a list of signs to look for, what to watch for. They said overgrown fields and things and I’m like, ‘there’s an overgrown field right next to the school,'” says Miller.

Miller says he has tried to figure out who owns the lot so they can resolve the issue.

“It’s overgrown. Really, really tall weeds. Really tall grasses. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve looked online trying to see if I can find the owner to contact them personally to maybe see if they can come out and cut it,” says Miller.

The City of Huntsville told WHNT News 19 that a resident can file a complaint with code enforcement through Huntsville Connect.

“I went online filled out the form with code enforcement. Made multiple calls. Left multiple messages and I’m just starting to feel like I’m being ignored,” says Miller.

Miller says the daycare isn’t the problem they have weekly lawn service. What he says is concerning is the close proximity of the lot intruding on the welfare of children. He hopes someone will take responsibility for keeping the area maintained.