Over-budget Colorado VA Hospital project threatens VA hospitals and clinics nationwide


Image: MGN Online

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – A VA Hospital construction project in Colorado has gone a whopping $1.7 billion dollars over budget.  Now congressional leaders are searching for ways to make up the cost.

So far their options are to either halt other construction projects, or make a .9% across the board cut to the VA Budget.

Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs officials say they don’t want to speculate too much, but admit a budget cut would be felt in Alabama.

“I think patient care is our priority, and if a 1% [cut] did occur we’d have to reevaluate how we’re giving those services and the process to make the most efficient way for veterans to get the services they need for their health,” said Jeff Hester, with the VA in Birmingham.

Fortunately for Alabama residents, Hester says the two clinics currently underway in Birmingham and Huntsville won’t be affected if Congressional leaders choose to halt construction projects to save money.

Next week the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs will take control of the new Huntsville clinic and begin moving in medical equipment and supplies.

The clinic is expected to open in September, serving an estimated 15,000 veterans.

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