Over 65 years old? You could be paying extra if you’re not taking advantage of state tax exemption

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The “Over 65 Years Old Exemption” applies to anyone in the state, but WHNT found many people are unaware of the exemption, and now the Madison County Tax Assessor’s office is vowing to work harder to make the information easier to find for seniors.

Harry Stokes will turn 71-years-old this summer. He says he has paid the property tax for six years without knowing he qualified for the exemption. When he stumbled across the information this past week, he contacted our newsroom in hopes we could Take Action to help other seniors find the information.

“I have paid between $1,800 and $2,000 that I would have not had to pay had I known about this exemption when I turned 65,” Stokes says.

The information is available online, but the details are not easy to find without searching county and state webpages.

“We are also working to improve the awareness in the community of this issue,” Madison County Tax Assessor Cliff Mann told WHNT News 19 Monday.

Mann provided a list of ways his office hopes they can get the word out to seniors moving forward.

  1. Updating the county tax services website: http://madisoncountyal.gov/services/taxa/
  2. Updating the Property Tax Brochure to make more clear tax information & exemptions
  3. Posting information at satellite offices
  4. Including information at any public presentations and events.

For more information, please contact the Madison County Tax Assessor’s office at (256) 532-3350, or you can visit these helpful web posts for more details.





Code of Alabama 1975, §40-9-21

If you are sixty-five years old or older you are entitled to an exemption from the STATE portion of your property taxes. You may also be entitled to additional exemptions based on your income. The net annual taxable income for the person claiming the exemption and that of his or her spouse is twelve  thousand dollars ($12,000) or less.

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