Organization that focuses efforts on building a healthy and harmonious community responds to Eric Parker mistrial



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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – AshaKiran is an organization with a simple mission statement: “AshaKiran is committed to educate, empathize and empower persons of South Asian origin and beyond while providing culturally sensitive and confidential services to people experiencing traumatic/stressful situations.

Today, organization leaders released a statement in response to the news of a mistrial being declared in the federal case against Madison Police Officer Eric Parker.

It reads, in part:

AshaKiran is disappointed in the announcement of a mistrial involving the case against the Alabama officer whom left an Indian grandfather partially paralyzed during an encounter earlier this year. We were anticipating justice for Mr. Patel in that through our American judicial system that all evidence would be fairly reviewed and Mr. Patel would get a resolution to what has no doubt been a traumatic series of events.

AshaKiran tries to prevent situations like this from happening. The organization plans education and training sessions with community groups to help with “education, empathy and empowerment.”

In fact, the group had previously scheduled a training session with Madison Police to identify ways to better respond to foreign-born citizens who may have communication barriers. That workshop would have taken place the very month of the incident in question. AshaKiran has continued to work with both Madison and Huntsville Police Departments for cultural sensitivity training.

AshaKiran organizers say they are “encouraged” the U.S. Attorney’s office plans to pursue a  re-trial in the case, and close their statement like this:

Let us give emphasis to this: the terrible incident, and mistrial, is not about any one ethnic group or culture; this is about our community as a whole and AshaKiran will continue to work tirelessly and collaborate with all entities to ensure that Mr. Patel, and our community as a whole, will receive the justice that is deserved.

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