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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We all know that we aren’t supposed to throw trash out of car windows or allow debris to fly from truckbeds onto the road.

In the past, Huntsville city officials say enforcing litter laws have not been a big priority. Landscape management says that’s going to change.

The City of Huntsville’s Operation Green Team has a new member. Someone who will help better enforce litter ordinances.

“The chief of police, the administration, and the mayor let me have a part-time police officer. And this is such a great program because its reminding folks that they’re not to litter,” explained Joy McKee of Operation Green Team. “That there is a law for that.”

Littering will cost you in the City of Huntsville. Fines range from $100 to $500.

Those rules will apply to everyone, even commercial truck drivers.

“It looks awful and we have to clean it up and everyone in our town expects this to be a very beautiful and clean town,” explained McKee. “That’s the way we want it but this can be a safety issue.”

Operation Green Team said the new officer will be monitoring lots of different litter hotspots around the city.

But these new duties aren’t interfering with keeping the Rocket City safe.

“It’s not taking an officer off the street, he is a retired police officer. This is a cool thing for us because it reminds people there is a littering consequence,” added McKee.

A consequence that has a big impact on the environment and could hurt your pockets too.