MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Madison County Commissioner Craig hill told News 19 that six small creek bridges on Old Big Cove Road in the Hampton Cove area will receive widening upgrades, with guard rails possible too.

“We have several antiquated bridges that they’re not as wide as the road,” Hill said Wednesday. “As the roads were widened over the years they’re not as wide, and we’ve looked at several options to make a safer path. And at this time we feel like our best option will be to widen those bridges with concrete.”

The narrowness on six two-lane bridges is from an era that puts the ‘old’ in Old Big Cove Road. They routinely pass inspections Hill said, but don’t pass the modern preference for the county when it comes to vehicle space. Another aspect is flood prevention in future scenarios affecting nearby neighborhoods.

“We’ve made a concerted effort to improve our drainage,” he said. “Safety’s first of course, but drainage is at the top of our list and we’ve made an effort to do that.

The approved contractor price tag for the project is $26,000.

“We probably could let it be, but it’s just not who we are,” Hill said. “We’re looking for a safer travel path, and out of our office we determined that we needed to spend taxpayer’s money to make these bridges safer.”

Construction is set to begin “in the next few weeks,” but shouldn’t last more than two months, Hill added.