Oakwood University gives full scholarship to students affected by Hurricane Dorian

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Thousands of families in the Bahamas are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

"My island was directly hit Freeport Grand Bahama," explained Dimitri Scavella, Oakwood University senior.

The university is home to 17 Bahamian students, many of their families are rebuilding.

School administrators recognized a need and stepped in to help.

"These family systems are extended and they're very close. So even if a person wasn't a part of a nuclear family," said Dr. Leslie Pollard, President of Oakwood University. "If it's an auntie or an uncle. Everybody must help. It's a collectivist society."

The school recently made a promise those students will never forget.

Their upcoming school bill will be paid in full.

"It's tuition, room, and board, and it comes out to for 17 students almost about $250,000," said Pollard.

Scavella said the gift lifts a pretty heavy burden off his family.

"It was really amazing news as international students we come here to simply have the dime in our pockets," Pollard explained. "We don't have FAFSA, we're not eligible for any kind of loans from the government."

But the school's president said the gift is two-sided.

"When they make it and they will and they will have big incomes and all those other things that they look back and they remember that there were people whose kindness, helped them," explained Pollard. "We ask you now to begin to help the generation behind you."

Scavella said he couldn't imagine a better graduation gift.

"God always provides, God always makes a way," he said.