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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – When News 19 discovered Harmony Park Safari permanently closed its doors, many questions were left unanswered: What caused them to close, and what is going to happen to the animals?

When News 19 reached out to the USDA, they said the park closed “as a result of personal circumstances,” although the USDA could not specify what those circumstances are.

The animals were last inspected on July 6th, 2022. At that time, there were 132 animals on the property – including cows, deer, llamas, and one giraffe.

Currently, there is no documentation clarifying whether or not the animals have been moved from the property.

Since 2019, the park and its owner, William Keith Allen, have been cited nine times for violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Those violations include failing to conduct daily observations of the animals, having improper structures and enclosures for the animals, and failing to keep and maintain records, disclosing information regarding the acquisition and disposition of animals.

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Those citations resulted in fines totaling $5,070, which Allen paid.

News 19 is continuing to follow the situation and trying to uncover the animal’s whereabouts. If you have any leads as to where the animals may be, email