North Huntsville library nears construction completion


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There is less than one month left in the construction process for the North Huntsville Public Library after a five-year process.

According to one representative, an overdue need to the north Huntsville community. The new library is replacing what the north Huntsville branch manager says was quote “basically a trailer.”

“The Bessie K. Russell Library had been servicing the North Huntsville community for about, over 40 years, but in a small facility. So this new library will be about 10 times as big as the old building and it’s just truly needed for the community,” said North Huntsville Public Library Branch Manager.

Bone went on to say the 19-thousand foot structure will offer a sense of community, and will give those in the area a place to spend their time and grow.

Bone says there is a tentative schedule to open the library to the public in mid to late January.

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