HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Many call them the greatest generation, for the sacrifices they made when the world was at war and 79 years later, three World War II veterans will travel back to Normandy on the 79th anniversary of D-Day.

Arthur Hullett fought in World War II and the Korean War.

And on Sunday ‘Honoring Veteran Legacies’ sent Hullett onto a plane, headed across the Atlantic.

“I’m excited! I’ve crossed both oceans.,” Hullet said. “I boarded my ship before. I get seasick.”

World War II may have occurred a lifetime ago, but Hullett says he’s excited to see the new generation that lives there.

“I’m assuming that the people I’m going to meet they might not have even been born when I was there…either they were little, young people,” Hullet said. “I’m just excited to see how they feel. To see what they are going to say about it,”

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation sponsored the trip to Europe.

Senior Aviation Analytics with the corporation Jason Franzene is also a veteran.

He is blessed to be able to send Hullett back to Normandy.

“To be able to stand here today in front of our greatest generation to be able to go visit where he served and maybe close a chapter of his life it’s an absolute honor,” Franzene said.

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