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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Ukrainian-Americans in the Huntsville area joined in Big Spring Park Saturday afternoon to advocate support and donations for friends and family as bombing persists throughout much of Ukraine.

One young woman taking part in her first rally says she now calls Huntsville home after being adopted years ago from an orphanage in a town now being bombed daily.

Nevertheless Kateryna Elrot says she appreciates support from the community in north Alabama.

“I’ve been not sleeping well,” she told News 19. “I have stress and anxiety about my people. I’ve been hoping every day. I wake up and pray, and looking at my Facebook looking for my people. And it hurts every day.”

“There’s no pain that can be known there,” Elrot continued. “And I know everybody that’s supporting Ukrainian people and everybody that’s trying – anything that I can do even talk to them, even be here [at demonstrations] for them, it’s a lot for them.”

Organizers of Saturday’s rally say they’ll continue asking for support and donations as long as the humanitarian crisis in their homeland persists.