Nexus Energy Center raising money to help families in need of energy overhaul

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MADISON, Ala. - Old Black Bear Brewery is paying it forward to a non-profit who helped them become energy-efficient.

The Nexus Energy Center not only helps businesses become more energy sufficient, but also extends their services to lower-income families, free of charge.

Old Black Bear Brewery has been open for just over two months in downtown Madison, and it was a labor of love to get the building in shape. “If anybody has ever seen the buildings in downtown Madison, we needed a lot of help trying to figure out ways to save money with holes in the walls, holes in the ceilings, leaking windows,” said Todd Seaton, Owner of Old Black Bear.

They called in the experts from the Nexus Energy Center to help them out with ways to be energy-efficient. It was expensive up front, but Seaton says it has been well worth it. "As far we can tell the two-point-five months we've been opened, the money we spent on the lighting in the brewery has already returned,” said Seaton.

Now that Old Black Bear Brewery has saved, they’re giving some of that back to help others by donating part of the night’s profits to Nexus’ program called The Comfort Project, which has helped overhaul dozens of homes. "In Huntsville, we have a lot of people who pay a very high utility bill and are still not comfortable in their house, but they can't afford what it takes to lower their bill and still be comfortable,” said Suchi Singhal, Executive Director for The Nexus Energy Center.

So the Nexus Energy Center’s Comfort Project does it for them. "In our Comfort Project, we actually go inside their home,” said Singhal. "We measure where they have air leaks, if they have enough insulation, etc. And we make recommendations as to what we think they need and we raised money to install the measures in their house so they can really see come utility savings,” said Singhal.

Making a big difference to the beneficiaries, who many times are CASA clients.

Old Black Bear has learned how to keep their lights on in a more cost-effective manner. Now they’ve got the extra money to help someone keep their lights on too. “Organizations that helped us get going, like Nexus, we don’t ming giving back,” said Seaton.

The event is happening on Thursday, from 6 until 9 p.m. at Old Black Bear Brewery in Madison. 50% of the proceeds go to Nexus.


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