MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — For the 2022 edition of Nexstar’s Day of Caring, News 19 employees spent Friday giving back to two different Madison County-based organizations that battle food insecurity.

Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound, or CASA, maintains a vegetable garden off Bob Wallace Avenue for the elderly and disabled.

“They’re facing true struggles because they’re already isolated in their homes. Many of them are homebound and they can’t get out,” CASA of Madison County Executive Director Ann Anderson told News 19.

Anderson added that’s why volunteers are much needed in general, especially during the summer.

“The volunteers feel so appreciated and valued that we don’t see every day,” she said. “[The clients] are not shopping with us. They’re not out with us, and they send the most lovely thank-you notes in return.”

The same can be said for News 19’s afternoon volunteer session at the Manna House Hydroponic Gardens, where greens are grown without soil. Manager Joy Long said the indoor greenhouse benefits many immunocompromised people and hospital patients.

“This place was really born out of a love for people, so every head of lettuce represents a person here,” Long said. “We would love to have more volunteers, especially on Mondays and Wednesday mornings to help harvest the lettuce and green beans so that we can get it to those people who really would need it and love it.”