New Year Brings Makeover For Extended Day School Program

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-The new year brings a new twist to Huntsville City Schools’ Extended Day program, where students who stay after will soon have a myriad of options ranging from robots to karate.

Extended Learning Director Joey Vaughn said the new approach is the result of a recently struck deal with Huntsville-based Appleton Learning, a private company that will oversee the new after school labs starting in February.

Personal tutoring and more in-depth lesson plans are the headliners for the revised program originally designed for latch key kids. It currently serves close to 1,000 students at nineteen different schools across the district.

“We’re not just going to be keeping the kids till 6:00 every day,” said Vaughn. “It’s going to become an extension of the school day…We’re going to be tutoring them, we’re going to be offering them some different activities they don’t currently have such as dance, music, art, karate.”

The new after-school program kicks off on February 3rd, but parents who have already enrolled their children are still required to re-register them at their extended day location to participate. Parents have until the end of January to do so.

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