HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The City of Huntsville unveiled a $6.8 million project at John Hunt Park on Wednesday, sure to thrill skaters and families alike.

The Get-A-Way Skate Place and Kids’ Space Playground are officially open to the public.

“Both were conceived, created, and financially made possible by the passionate people of the City of Huntsville and North Alabama,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

The accessible playground includes an open layout and special surfacing designed with mobility aids in mind. The reimagined Kids’ Space replaces a wooden playground built by the community nearly 28 years ago.

“It’ll be exciting to see kids that may not have been able to get on the existing Kids’ Space as it was, be able to use this space,” said Huntsville Parks and Recreation Director James Gossett.

Kids’ Space is themed around the city’s past, present and future, including areas such as “Early Huntsville,” “Space Race,” and “Future Exploration.” A memorial made from donor bricks that were saved from the original site will open at a later date.

The new skate facility is 52,000 square feet and includes custom-made bowls, snake runs, a three-quarter pipe, and a street plaza.

“It’s just incredible,” said skater Michael Morrison. “There’s really nothing like it in this whole region.”

The project is a tribute to the city’s original Get-A-Way Skate Park which opened on Leeman Ferry Road in 1979. Team Pain skatepark designer and project manager Kurt Baker said the design mixes the elements from the original park with the newer style of skateboarding.

“We kept some of that feel of the original park, but there’s a lot more area to do tricks and new maneuvers for the newer generation,” Baker said.

Morrison said he has been skating for about 40 years. He and other skaters say the park is for everybody to enjoy.

“[Thanks to] the City of Huntsville for backing skateboarding,” said Morrison. “It’s really important, and it’s cool. It’s not just for kids. There’s a bunch of us old dudes who come out of the woodwork and come out and try to hurt ourselves. It’s fun.”

The skatepark is the vision of local businessman and skater Paul Gierow. He contributed $1 million to the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to begin the project.

The new facilities include shaded areas, seating, a water station, and restrooms.