New recycling program announced for Madison County residents

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – The Huntsville Solid Waste Authority made a big announcement Friday.

WHNT News 19 reported earlier this week that the city’s recycling contract ends with the company Republic, July 31st. Friday officials announced that they will now partner with the company Red River Waste Solutions for recycling services.

Even if you already receive recycling services through Republic, you must enroll in this new program, otherwise, you won’t get your recycling picked up.


People must enroll in the new program even if they currently participate in SWDA’s recycling program.

SWDA launched a new website for people to enroll.

People must enroll by June 28th if they want to have their recycling collected in August

People can still enroll after that time, but they will have to wait another month for their recycling to be picked-up


This news comes after weeks of residents receiving inconsistent recycling service. The executive director of the Solid Waste Authority, Doc Holladay says he expects Republic’s service to be back on track next week.

After three weeks of waiting, Janice Armstrong’s recycling was picked up.

“I’m very happy that it got picked up today,” she said.

She also found out about some changes in her service.

“He informed me on some things about the recycling program that I was unaware of,” Armstrong said.

Holladay announced their new recycling program, RANA, which stands for Recycling Alliance of North Alabama.

“It represents more of what this program is,” Holladay said.

Beginning August first, recycling will be expanded to all of Madison County offering services to more than 20 thousand additional homes.

Republic has weekly pick-up and provides 15-gallon bins. RANA will use 95-gallon carts for their monthly recycling pickup. But people must enroll if they want for the new program, even if they are already receiving recycling service.

There are only two weeks to register if people want their recycling picked up in August.

This means the city needs to inform thousands of potential new customers about the service in a very short amount of time.

“We’re concerned about getting them signed up,” Holladay said.

On top of that, the city is dealing with people annoyed with nearly a month of inconsistent service.

“We’re also concerned about people staying the course through July 31st and then enrolling in the new program,” Holladay said.

Armstrong says inconsistent service will not stop her from wanting to recycle.

A new website was launched Friday to enroll people into the RANA program.

People can also call (256) 801-2278 to enroll.

Holladay says they decided to roll out a new program because the old was was no longer as effective or sustainable as it needed to be.

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