MADISON, Ala (WHNT) — Marco polo. Cannonball contests. Relay races – the list of pool games is endless but for parents, swim safety can be a concern, and at the Goldfish Swim School in Madison, kids will learn just that.

Goldfish Swim School Director of Operations Courtney Richardson said that developing swim skills early can be imperative.

“Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death under the age of four,” she said, “so it’s imperative to make sure that we have a water safety knowledge for our parents and that we get our swimmers into lessons as young as four months old.”

And in these lessons, kids get personalized teachings and a thriving social environment.

“We have a maximum of four swimmers to one instructor,” Richardson said, “So that way they still get the benefit of that social interaction and learning from their peers but they also have that ability to get that individual attention from their instructors.”

And parents won’t have to worry about freezing waters keeping their kids from jumping in.

The pool at Goldfish Swim School is 90 degrees making it more inviting for the new swimmers.

But it’s not just for kids, they offer family classes as well and parents can dive into the lessons at home.

“At the end of lessons we actually call all the parents in, our swim instructors will demonstrate a skill they learned that day,” Richardson said, “and then they’ll also take the time what are some of the things they are continuing to excel and maybe some opportunity for improvement and the maybe some items they can practice at home say in the bathtub.”

Goldfish Swim School is running an open house that ends on January 29 and then on Friday February they intend to host a free community family event.