HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A new addition to the City of Huntsville’s greenway network opened Saturday morning.

The Weatherly Multi-use Path opened at 9 a.m. The 1.2-mile stretch connects the Aldridge Creek Greenway and Weatherly Road to South Memorial Parkway. Officials and walkers gathered at Latham United Methodist Church (just east of the intersection of Weatherly Road and South Memorial Parkway) for a 2.4-mile walk along new and existing greenway trails, starting and ending at the church.

From there, walkers and bikers can access Elgie’s Walk along Haysland Road to Hobbs Road.

“We’re really excited about this addition that we’re adding. This was kind of what I like to call low hanging fruit. This was an improvement that we just noticed that needs to be done. We didn’t have to go buy any right-of-way or anything like that. We just had to make improvements to something that was already there.”

Madison County Commissioner Phil Riddick

The $560,000 price tag for the path was split evenly between the City and Madison County governments.