New Lowe Mill employee working to bring galleries to the forefront

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Lowe Mill has something for all types.

It's already nationally known for studio artists -- now the team wants to bring the galleries to that same level.

"I'm one of the first people that's just dedicated to the galleries full-time so it's an attempt to make the galleries a big focal point of the Mill."

Meet Aaron Head, an Alabama grad whose been at the Mill for less than a month. He's over bookings, meet-and-greets, and everything else pertaining to the 7 galleries.

Which, of course, include education events, like Steamfest in April, bringing engineering and arts to local kids.

"We're using one of those galleries, they're building a wooden ramp for cars out of the window down to the lawn," Head explained.

There are 4 more gallery rotations in 2015, but even beyond that, he has big plans to make sure gallery art gets to the rest of the Huntsville community.

"One of those programs is going to be our Arts CSA."

Which stands for community supported agriculture. It's a co-op system. People buy shares and get local fruits and vegetables from farmers.

"So we're going to be doing that with art instead," Head explained. And there will be different levels of shares the public can buy.

"When you come to pick up your share, instead of it being produce or vegetable or something seasonal, it would be art," he said.

It could be a vase, or a huge sculpture, depending on the share you buy.

"It's a  way of getting people that normally involved in the art scene, getting them involved and getting them in the door," he said.

Head says he also plans to fill every (currently) bare nook and cranny of the Mill with original artwork from its artists. He says he wants to cram as much art into the campus as possible.

Lowe Mill is also looking for people interested in galleries. Learn more about the art incubator here.

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