New homeowners say Governors Drive traffic worse than they expected

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – A family on Governors Drive says they’re fear stricken when they enter and exit their driveway and they just moved into the house three weeks ago.

Cecil Ashburn closed to through traffic in January. That means thousands of drivers are taking alternate routes, and one of those is Governors Drive.

The family says they knew there could be heavy traffic, but they had no idea what was in store for them.

A young family says they’re afraid when they leave or return to their new home, fearing the worst can happen.

“She deserves to have both parents just like every child and when we pull in and out we’re risking that every day,” Brianna Boyer said.

“We’ve already had some close calls,” said Mark Halpin, her husband.

And on top of not being able to see around the curve, the family says they’re having problems with people speeding. WHNT News 19 used a radar gun to clock drivers. Some were driving more than 60 miles an hour. The speed limit is 45.

The couple says they began having problems the day they moved in.

“The delivery truck, it was insane. Mark and I actually had to go up to this light and camp out there until the movers came so we could kind of slow down traffic and wait for them to turn in to be able to unload and deliver all of our furniture and everything,” she said.

A car hit their mailbox two days after the moved in and the problems have continued.

“We’ve had issues with sanitation not being able to pick up our garage, packages being delivered, and just trying to see and make sure that no one gets injured pulling into our house,” Boyer said.

A neighbor says traffic increased so much after the Cecil Ashburn Drive closure, they are no longer able to turn left out of their driveway.

Huntsville Police acknowledge the heavier traffic but have a more optimistic outlook. They put extra patrols on the road in light of the closure, but have since decreased their presence on Governors Drive.

“We did not see the expected increase in traffic crashes or traffic violators,” Lt. Michael Johnson said.

But for this family, there is a problem and they are hoping for a solution.

WHNT News 19 reached out to Francis Akridge who is the city council member who represents that area. She says this is the first complaint she has heard about the road after the Cecil Ashburn closure and she would like to talk to the family about the problems they’re experiencing.

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