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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – With the turn of a screw, Jeff Baker changes his home.

It’s now a charging station for electric vehicles, like Jeff’s own Chevy Volt.

The simple set-up arrives a few months after a conversation with  Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy CEO Daniel Tait, who tells us, “He said, ‘I’m going to be moving into a home here soon and would really like to do something like this.’ So we just kind of kept talking about it and, lo and behold, about a month or two later she’s alive.”

Now anyone can come charge their electric car at Baker’s home.

He doesn’t get anything out of it per-se. He’s just really enthusiastic about his own electric car.

Baker recalls, “I drove a small, very fast sports car, and it was a lot of fun. Part of me was worried that I’d be tempted to make the change for altruistic reasons and then regret it, be disappointed, not have any fun driving.”

Then someone took him on a test drive with a Volt like the one he owns now.

He remembers, “He put it in sport mode, started rolling, floored the pedal, and I had one three days later.”

He likes driving it so much that he set up this station for you.

He only asks one thing, “Try not to block us in.”

You can find Baker’s and other charging stations here.