New comprehensive health exams available for beneficiaries and DOD civilians at Fox Army Health Center

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – A brand new Center for Comprehensive Wellness is opening on Redstone Arsenal Nov. 16.

It’s not just for members of the military; if you’re a beneficiary, or an employee of the Department of Defense, you can take advantage of this new center as well.

The center’s goals include helping people live a healthier lifestyle, reducing sickness and decreasing absenteeism at work.

“What can be assessed today that benefits them in future years?” said Col. Anthony Meador, commander of the Fox Army Health Center.

Whether you think you’re super healthy, or know you’re slacking in the fitness department, a comprehensive exam is always beneficial.

“We’re really trying to identify the aspects of your health through screening, testing, diagnostics, to see what we can contribute to and control and help you better understand what you can do for yourself today to prevent chronic disease that can come back and affect your health years from now,” Col. Meador said.

The Redstone Arsenal Center for Comprehensive Wellness offers health evaluations and improvement services through a series of four tests that record your body composition, metabolic testing, physical fitness, and relaxation with biofeedback.

They use state-of-the-art equipment like the BOD POD, which provides a measurement of fat-free mass and body fat mass more precisely than a scale ever could.

The initial testing takes some time.

“It takes about four hours to go through our new expanded capability,” Meador said. “It’s not a short process.”

But it’s an important step to a better you.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and anyone who is eligible and curious about their health and fitness journey are encouraged to come to come to the center for comprehensive wellness to figure it out. Appointments are free.

Healthier lifestyle choices (sleep, diet, fosters more physical activity)
Decreased substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol, chronic pain meds)
Reduction in chronic disease (reduced BP, glucose levels, body weight)

Healthcare cost savings as results of chronic disease
Decrease in absenteeism at work

Reduced chronic disease rates (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, respiratory)

The Redstone Arsenal Center for Comprehensive Wellness officially opens Friday, Nov. 16. You can schedule a free appointment by calling the Wellness Clinic at 256-955-8888 EXT: 1440 and visiting their website at to print and complete the screening health questionnaire for submission for review before appointments.