New Animal Services Ordinance Allows for Lower Adoption Fees

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Come one, come all. They’re rolling back on the prices at the City of Huntsville’s Animal Services. Pet adoption fees can now be reduced in effort to keep more animals from being put down.

Animal Services has already done a trial run and the results were positive. “We actually spent some time evaluating it by running some specials and some trial periods all during 2013, and it worked great especially with our kittens during kitten season which is in middle of summer,” said Huntsville Animal Services Director Dr. Karen Hill Sheppard.

They ended up saving significantly more lives. They almost doubled the cat adoptions last year.

“We went to our attorneys and our mayor and our city council and they created this ordinance,” said Dr. Sheppard.

Now that everyone has given it the green light, Animal Services can run specials whenever they feel necessary. There’s also another change to the ordinance. “There are times where we get pets in that have special needs,” said Dr. Sheppard. “Maybe they are three legged, maybe their really geriatric, 14 or 15, easily have another year to live, have a great quality of life, those pets can actually be gifted to the adopters.”

Just because those animals are free, doesn’t mean they are getting a bad home.

“That’s what people worry about, is if people don’t pay a steep adoption fee, then maybe they’re not good owners, but we pay attention that that,” said Dr. Sheppard with a smile.

The ordinance was passed by the Huntsville City Council two weeks ago. Animal services hopes to have the new fees up and running by the first of April.

Visit Huntsville Animal Service’s website by clicking here.

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